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Offered As: Intensive Major Major
URL: https://webapp.science.hku.hk/sr4/servlet/enquiry?Type=Major&Code=MajorInGeologyIntensive&AdmissionYear=2021 https://webapp.science.hku.hk/sr4/servlet/enquiry?Type=Major&Code=MajorInGeology&AdmissionYear=2021
*Open to students of other Faculties: only open to BSc students
What is it about? Geology concerns with the scientific study of the Earth's structure, processes, material and history. Geologists apply knowledge of chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics to solve Earth problems. The Geology Major aims to give students a sound foundation of the geological sciences and enable them to pursue postgraduate studies or careers in the geosciences. The curriculum emphasizes the development of knowledge and skills, and practical experience in the field. The core courses are designed to give students a well-rounded understanding of the geological disciplines including petrology, paleontology, geophysics, geochemistry, geochronology and the applications of geological knowledge to resource development, natural hazard management, and geotechnical and environmental engineering.

The Intensive Geology Major provides an education in Geology which meets the current minimum requirements of the Geological Society of London for accreditation.
Offering Faculty/ Department/ School/Institute Department of Earth Sciences

Pre-requisite requirements and/or other conditions for declaring the major/minor Major/ Intensive Major:
Please refer to the course prerequisites of the required courses.

For details, please check with the Department of Earth Sciences.
Career opportunities Students who wish to become a professional geologist may take additional designated courses designed to meet the pathway for accreditation as a chartered geologist.

For details, please check with Faculty or CEDARS (Careers & Placement).
Further information Major:

Intensive Major:
Contact E: earthsci@hku.hk
T: 2859 1084
* Note: Students pursuing curricula with major / minor programme(s) must complete at least one major programme from their home Faculties upon graduation. Disclaimer: The information mainly applies to students admitted in 2021-22 and thereafter. For students from different cohorts, the information is only for reference. Please check with Faculty/offering department for details. The pre-requisite requirements / conditions are subject to changes by Faculties from time to time, and students are advised to check with their Faculty Office in case of doubt.