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Architectural Studies
Offered As: Major Minor
URL: https://foa-media.arch.hku.hk/media/upload/2015/01/AR88-122_Major-and-Minor-in-Architectural-Studies-Syllabuses_0927.pdf https://foa-media.arch.hku.hk/media/upload/2015/01/AR88-122_Major-and-Minor-in-Architectural-Studies-Syllabuses_0927.pdf
*Open to students of other Faculties:
Credits: 72 36
What is it about? Combining insights, theory, research, methods and practices related to Architecture, the academic focus of the Major and Minor in Architectural Studies provides students with a blend of design-thinking tools that will equip them for the challenges architecture faces in today's society.

The objective of the Major/Minor in Architectural Studies is to provide students with a broad overview and introduction to the skills, methodologies and discourses of architectural design and to draw from their diverse disciplinary backgrounds to address the complex issues that confront architecture today.
Offering Faculty/ Department/ School/Institute Department of Architecture

Pre-requisite requirements and/or other conditions for declaring the major/minor All courses offered by the Department of Architecture have quota restriction. Students' declaration of the major/minor will NOT guarantee them a place in the courses for fulfilling the major/minor requirements.

Important Notes on Choosing Architectural Studies as Second Major and Minor: https://foa-media.arch.hku.hk/media/upload/2015/01/Imporatant-Notes-on-Choosing-Architecture-Studies-as-Second-Major-and-Minor.pdf
Career opportunities The central graduate qualities of the programme are the abilities to balance analytical forward-thinking approaches to problem solving with solution-first imagination-based problem solving and to assemble and assimilate knowledge from across disciplines and synthesise it into an actionable plan. Students will exit the programme with a comprehensive understanding of architecture and its design thinking methods and processes.

Graduates of the programme are distinctive in both general graduate job markets related to architecture and in the specialised industries for which their chosen disciplinary courses have prepared them. Their ability to assemble and assimilate knowledge from across disciplines and synthesise it into actionable plans will give them a distinct professional advantage.

For further information, please check with Department of Architecture or CEDARS (Careers & Placement).
Further information Please check with Department of Architecture.
Contact T: 3917-0090
E: vtsewk7@hku.hk
* Note: Students pursuing curricula with major / minor programme(s) must complete at least one major programme from their home Faculties upon graduation. Disclaimer: The information mainly applies to students admitted in 2023-24 and thereafter. For students from different cohorts, the information is only for reference. Please check with Faculty/offering department for details. The pre-requisite requirements / conditions are subject to changes by Faculties from time to time, and students are advised to check with their Faculty Office in case of doubt.