Faculty of Arts
Offered As: Major Minor
URL: https://history.hku.hk/ug_prog/ https://history.hku.hk/ug_prog/
*Open to students of other Faculties:
Credits: 72 36
What is it about? The history programme at HKU has been designed with a view to give students the widest possible scope to explore and develop their own interests in history. Students can choose from a broad and exciting range of courses representing both general histories as well as the cutting edge in research from our world-leading scholars. The curriculum moves students from the large, comprehensive introductory histories of the first year, through survey histories of geographic areas and countries, to more advanced seminar courses delving deeply on special topics of history. Final-year capstone courses are available to history majors to engage with primary sources and historiography so that students themselves may become historians. Our courses welcome majors, minors and students from other faculties without prerequisites.
Offering Faculty/ Department/ School/Institute Department of History, School of Humanities

Pre-requisite requirements and/or other conditions for declaring the major/minor Major:
One 6-credit History course at the 1000-level, and 12 credits of introductory courses from any Arts programme, which may include additional credits in 1000-level History courses.

One 6-credit History course at the 1000-level.

For details, please check with the Department of History.
Career opportunities For further information, please check with the Department of History, Faculty or CEDARS (Careers & Placement)
Further information http://www.history.hku.hk/prog_ug.html
Contact T: 3917 2874
E: history@hku.hk
* Note: Students pursuing curricula with major / minor programme(s) must complete at least one major programme from their home Faculties upon graduation. Disclaimer: The information mainly applies to students admitted in 2023-24 and thereafter. For students from different cohorts, the information is only for reference. Please check with Faculty/offering department for details. The pre-requisite requirements / conditions are subject to changes by Faculties from time to time, and students are advised to check with their Faculty Office in case of doubt.