Faculty of Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Offered As: Minor
URL: https://engg.hku.hk/Portals/0/UG/syllabuses/Syllabus-CivE-21-22-4Y.pdf#Minor-in-EnvE
*Open to students of other Faculties:
Credits: 48
What is it about? Hong Kong’s environment is deteriorating and the HKSAR Government commissions many engineering projects to improve the environment. Mandatory environmental impact assessments are required for all major public and private development projects. All of the effort for sustainable urban development has created a strong demand for graduates with a background in environmental engineering.
Offering Faculty/ Department/ School/Institute Department of Civil Engineering

Pre-requisite requirements and/or other conditions for declaring the major/minor • Level 3 or above in HKDSE Mathematics or equivalent
• Level 3 or above in HKDSE Physics or Combined Science with Physics component or equivalent
Career opportunities There is a strong demand for graduates with background in environmental engineering knowledge to tackle environmental problems related to our infrastructure, such as water supply, wastewater drainage, environmental impact assessment and pollution control.
Further information http://engg.hku.hk/home/minor/enve.htm
Contact Dr. K.L. Su
Tel: 2859 2648
Email: klsu@hku.hk
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